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Exists (2014) 720p WEB-DL 600MB

exists 2014 720p web dl 600mb sidofi OIaB6u4 Exists (2014) 720p WEB DL 600MB

Download Film Exists

Genre: Horror
Year: 2014

Rating: 7.5 (96 votes)
Runtime: 86 min
Director: Eduardo Sánchez
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Dora Madison Burge, Brian Steele, Denise Williamson, Samuel Davis

Imovdb Url:

A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot. Baca Selengkapnya

Leprechaun 4 In Space (1996) BluRay 720p 750MB

leprechaun 4 in space 1996 bluray 720p 750mb sidofi NBOlSJI Leprechaun 4 In Space (1996) BluRay 720p 750MB

Download Film Leprechaun 4: In Space

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Year: 1996

Rating: 3.3 (3,617 votes)
Runtime: 95 min
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Warwick Davis, Brent Jasmer, Jessica Collins, Guy Siner

Imovdb Url:

Our deadly leprechaun is in space to woo a beautiful princess who is impressed with his gold and desires to separate him from it. Baca Selengkapnya

The Haunted Mansion (2003) BluRay 720p 700MB

the haunted mansion 2003 bluray 720p 700mb sidofi 54hlNan The Haunted Mansion (2003) BluRay 720p 700MB

Download Film The Haunted Mansion

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Year: 2003

Rating: 4.9 (26,055 votes)
Runtime: 88 min
Director: Rob Minkoff
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason

Imovdb Url:

Workaholic realtor Jim Evers, his wife/business partner Sara and their two children are summoned to a mansion. When they discover that the place is haunted, Jim discovers an important lesson about the family he’s neglected as they attempt to escape. Baca Selengkapnya

Alone for Christmas (2013) BluRay 720p 700MB

alone for christmas 2013 bluray 720p 700mb sidofi poster large Alone for Christmas (2013) BluRay 720p 700MB

Download Film Alone for Christmas

Genre: Action, Comedy, Family
Year: 2013

Rating: 4.9 (98 votes)
Runtime: 87 min
Director: Joseph J. Lawson
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Hooligan, Bill Pomeroy, David DeLuise, Kim Little

Imovdb Url:

When a family visits Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, they leave their dog at home alone. And when burglars try to take the presents from under the tree, the dog must use every trick it … Baca Selengkapnya

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage (2014) BluRay 720p 700MB

sinbad the fifth voyage 2014 bluray 720p 700mb sidofi H9BNi3p Sinbad The Fifth Voyage (2014) BluRay 720p 700MB

Download Film Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage

Genre: Fantasy
Year: 2014

Rating: 4.9 (176 votes)
Runtime: 89 min
Director: Shahin Sean Solimon
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Marco Khan, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Lorna Raver

Imovdb Url:

When the Sultan’s first born is taken by an evil sorcerer, Sinbad is tasked with traveling to a desert of magic and creatures to save her. Baca Selengkapnya