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We Are the Night (2010) BluRay 720p 700MB

we are the night 2010 bluray 720p 700mb sidofi We Are the Night We Are the Night (2010) BluRay 720p 700MB

Download Film We Are the Night

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Year: 2010

Rating: 6.3 (4,803 votes)
Runtime: 96 min
Director: Dennis Gansel
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Fischer

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In Berlin, a cop closes in on an all-female vampire trio who just took in a new member, Lena. Baca Selengkapnya

The Poker House (2008) BluRay 720p 700MB

the poker house 2008 bluray 720p 700mb sidofi The Poker House The Poker House (2008) BluRay 720p 700MB

Download Film The Poker House

Genre: Drama
Year: 2008

Rating: 6.6 (2,386 votes)
Runtime: 93 min
Director: Lori Petty
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Javon Johnson, Sophi Bairley, Bokeem Woodbine

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A dramatization of Lori Petty’s teenage years spent in small town Iowa. Baca Selengkapnya

The Rabbi’s Cat (2011) BluRay 720p 650MB

the rabbis cat 2011 bluray 720p 650mb sidofi The Rabbis Cat The Rabbi’s Cat (2011) BluRay 720p 650MB

Download Film The Rabbi’s Cat

Genre: Animation, Adventure
Year: 2011

Rating: 7.0 (1,279 votes)
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Antoine Delesvaux, Joann Sfar
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Hafsia Herzi, François Damiens, Karina Testa

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Set in Algeria in the 1920s, a rabbi’s cat who learns how to speak after swallowing the family parrot expresses his desire to convert to Judaism. Baca Selengkapnya

The Revenant (2009) BluRay 720p 850MB

the revenant 2009 bluray 720p 850mb sidofi The Revenant The Revenant (2009) BluRay 720p 850MB

Download Film The Revenant

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Year: 2009

Rating: 6.4 (7,520 votes)
Runtime: 117 min
Director: D. Kerry Prior
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: David Anders, Chris Wylde, Louise Griffiths, Jacy King

Imovdb Url:

In Los Angeles, a fallen soldier who has joined the ranks of the living dead reunites with his best friend in order to deal with the city’s drug dealers and killers – a perfect way to collect the blood that one of them so desperately needs. Baca Selengkapnya

The Sky Crawlers (2008) BluRay 720p 850MB

the sky crawlers 2008 bluray 720p 850mb sidofi 1yKqrXn The Sky Crawlers (2008) BluRay 720p 850MB

Download Film The Sky Crawlers

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Year: 2008

Rating: 6.8 (3,651 votes)
Runtime: 122 min
Director: Mamoru Oshii
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Rinko Kikuchi, Ryô Kase, Shôsuke Tanihara, Megumi Yamaguchi

Imovdb Url:

A group of eternally young fighter pilots known as Kildren experience the sudden loss of innocence as they battle the enemy in astonishing dogfights above the clouds. Baca Selengkapnya

Labor Day (2013) BluRay 1080p 1.4GB

labor day 2013 bluray 1080p 1 4gb sidofi Labor Day 2013 Blu Ray 1080p 1 4 GB Labor Day (2013) BluRay 1080p 1.4GB

Download Film Labor Day

Genre: Drama
Year: 2013

Rating: 6.8 (3,306 votes)
Runtime: 111 min
Director: Jason Reitman
Uploader : SDF @
Cast: Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith, Tobey Maguire

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Depressed single mom Adele and her son Henry offer a wounded, fearsome man a ride. As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story as their options become increasingly limited. Baca Selengkapnya